About Me


My yoga teacher training was based at an organic farm nestled within an eco-yoga community in Eungella, Australia. Little did I anticipate the profound and lasting impact it would have on my life. The training went beyond simply instructing physical postures (asanas); it involved confronting and observing my own self.

By disconnecting from the influences of the bustling Western world, I was able to journey inward and explore the depths of my being. Through this process, yoga has facilitated the discovery, acceptance, and love of my true essence, ultimately shaping the person I am today.


I am driven by a mission to share the exquisite beauty and therapeutic benefits of yoga and the natural world with the community.

Personal practice

My personal yoga practice revolves around embracing stillness and attuning to the sensations of my mind and body. I have ended up doing yoga due to a very busy create ADHD mind so yoga for me is about slowing down coming out of fight or flight mode. Through the power of the breath, I find a reconnection with my inner self and the surrounding nature. 

Tilia Origins

Tilia, derived from the Latin word for Lime, signifies the sacred bond between yoga and nature. Through teaching yoga, conducting foraging walks, and facilitating forest therapy sessions, I strive to create an unbreakable connection to Mother Earth. This is yoga in its entirety—being fully attuned and connected to the nurturing embrace of our planet.

When seeking moments of pranayama and meditation, I seek solace in serene outdoor spaces, often found beside the gentle flow of a river or enveloped within the tranquil sanctuary of a woodland. These places, with their harmonious aura, serve as my personal sanctuary, allowing me to unwind, find peace, and reconnect with my innermost self.

I firmly believe that we are intrinsically intertwined with nature. By fostering a deep connection to the natural world, we gain insight into our own place within the grand tapestry of life. Ecology, the scientific study of how organisms and individuals interact with their environment, sheds light on the intricate web of relationships that shape our existence.

As Albert Einstein so eloquently expressed, “Look deeper into nature, then you will understand everything better.” This profound statement resonates with my core belief that by delving into the depths of nature, we gain a richer understanding of ourselves and the world around us.