About Me

About Me

 My yoga teacher training was set in set on an organic farm within a eco – yoga community based in Eungella Australia. I had no idea that yoga teacher training would change my life forever. Learning to be a yoga teacher was not just about teaching the physical moves (asanas.) It was about confronting and observing the self. I was able to close off the influences of the busy western world and delve inwards. Yoga has helped me to discover, believe and love my true nature, allowing me to become the person that I am today. I am a Certified 200 Hour Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga Teacher, yoga practitioner for 5 years. I teach 3 regular evening classes and private yoga sessions weekly, please see class timetable for more information. In addition I teach a weekly corporate yoga class with Magnox based and Dugeness. I volunteer alternate Fridays teaching yoga at The Heart Of Kent Hospice teaching patients and relatives gentle and calming Hatha yoga. Having worked as a Community Engagement Officer in the past I am able to welcome and work with people from all walks of life. From a young age I have naturally fallen into teaching starting this journey with teaching children and adults gymnastics and kickboxing.


I am on a mission to share the beauty and therapeutic benefits of yoga and nature with the community. I have integrated my passion for yoga and the outdoor world within classes. My style of yoga takes a holistic approach, focusing on the whole person. I wish for people to develop an inquisitive and positive relationship with themselves and the natural world. Increasing confidence, self-esteem and respect in preparation for an ever changing world. 

My personal yoga practice is all about slowing down and tuning into my how my mind and body feels. Using the breath, I am able to reconnect to myself and nature. I am passionate about nature; my yoga practice involves a morning ritual of walking with nature connecting to the seasons and choosing to remind myself of the joys and beauty of nature. I practice pranayama/meditation in a quiet outdoor space usually by the river or within the woodland my favorite place to unwind.


When I am out in nature, I feel connected and grounded. I am safe and at peace when I am outside. I want to introduce others to the beauty of the natural world using yoga and nature therapy. Sometimes we just need to take time out, walk with nature and tune into our breath.

We are a part of nature

I have a background in the conservation sector having worked for kent Wildlife Trust, Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh and The Conservation Volunteers. I am strongly connected to nature with qualifications in Countryside Management and Forest school. I have a good understanding of the core principles of ecology. I have a passion and knowledge for: wild plants, trees, bumblebees and butterflies.

I believe we are all part of nature, by connecting to nature we are able to see how we too fit into the bigger picture. Ecology the branch of science that studies how people or organisms relate to each other and their environment.

As Einstein said:

“Look deeper into nature, then you will understand everything better”



May Newsletter

I’m hoping you are really enjoying spring our chance to remind our self that spring is a rebirth, a new beginning. Take it all in, immerse yourself in everything new spring has to offer. I am loving the dandelions, primroses and all things yellow. Right now, nature is thriving so let’s take some energy from the earth.

Are you working from home, watching too much TV? If so, no doubt you are slouching and slumping, hunching! Over time these habits can cause trouble and decrease spinal mobility and cause back pain.

 Hopefully some of you may have noticed healthier backs/bodies as your routine may have changed for the better? If you are thriving this is good news of course, why not learn more about your back and put some twist and shake into your week!

N.B- I do not own the copyright for this picture @dedradavis

This week I will focus on shoulder care and also twists, twists encourage optimal functioning of the digestive system by creating intra-abdominal compression. When a twist is released, the digestive organs receive fresh blood flow; oxygen rich and packed full of nutrients. The class is themed on spring and being re- born so go and pick some fresh flowers from your garden or wildflowers ( just not the rare ones such as bluebells and orchids!)

On May the 17th I will be teaching a free class at 10 am so you can introduce your friends to the benefits of yoga. This class will be calm and refreshing, I am now running yoga on my own zoom account. I am limited to 40 minutes so if anyone wants a pre-chat this can be arranged before or after just get in touch via WhatsApp chat.

If you wish to join online class please email to book in and I will send you a zoom link and password Wednesdays evenings  class at 18.00 pm.

See you on the mat

Best wishes Claire.