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Let Go

Discover the immense power of letting go, allowing you to break free from the exhausting cycle of burnout. Take those initial steps towards embracing softness and relaxation, guiding yourself into a state of tranquility.

I’ll open up about how letting go profoundly altered my life, the battles I faced resisting it for so long, and how I realized that releasing was pivotal to igniting the healing process and fostering a path of positive transformation.

In the end, as we journey together, I will gently guide you through a soothing body scan, leaving you in a state of absolute clarity and inner peace.

Claire Bates
Yoga Instructor

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From My Students

"I love Claire’s yoga. Her classes are so informative. I really enjoy the spiritual aspect she brings to each class and I always feel that I have learnt something new as well as feeling relaxed and empowered when I leave. Claire recommended dandelion root coffee in one of her classes and then was kind enough to bring a sample along to the Kent Wellness festival a couple of weeks ago. I have been drinking it ever since! She has fantastic knowledge on the health benefits of natural foods and recommends different natural ingredients for ailments you may have. Super friendly and really approachable and knowledgable. I can’t recommend her enough! Thank you, Claire xx"
Annette Friday
I have attend so many of Claire’s classes Its the one thing have stuck to. I have to say that I am truly delighted. I come out of the class totally refreshed as if a weight has been lifted from me, mentally and physically. Claire has a warm, wonderful and caring personality that comes across as she teaches and the class is an inviting place to be. From a one time skeptic to a woman who wants to learn more and more. Thank you Claire
Sophie Morley

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