Nature Therapy with Claire

Connecting with nature is part of the Tilia Yoga ethos. The best things in life are free, there is nothing better than going outside to connect with the changing seasons. You can join me any time of the year to a walk in nature where I can introduce you to some basic ecology to help you learn about your local trees and plants. When you take the time to stop and look at nature, it really does become therapy. In this busy world incorporating healthy habits  and nourishing the mind and body really can increase your health and happiness. By having a calm nervous system, we can help prevent disease in its steps. When we hold on to negative emotions these can eventually turn into stress and over time develop into disease. We should ask ourselves why preventative medicine  is not a priority?

At present I am currently qualified as a Forest Bathing Leader and studying Forest Therapy and Western herbal Medicine. I can help you discover home remedies to treat common ailments and encourage the natural way before turning straight to  pharmaceutical medicines. A real simple example being, why take  a Rennie tablet for indigestion when you can have a natural remedy such as: fennel, mint or chamomile tea to aid or soothe digestion. If you are struggling  with a wound that is not healing, why not brew up some calendula tea and bathe your wound in this? Did you know where antibiotics have not worked the power of pure plants can really heal. This is not to say conventional medicine is to be frowned upon but why is there not a place for both? My favourite plant being Elder which is used in Elderflower cordial which, we can go out and make this together in June. Not only is Elder gorgeous in smell and flavour, it has also been used in the flu vaccine. Many plant compounds have been used in our modern day vaccines. We seem to have forgotten our origins. Let’s get back to nature, we are a part of nature.

I am a Level 3 Forest School leader which involves nurturing children to free play in the forest and find their confidence and talents in a natural environment. We go out in all weather conditions and it really helps to build resilience and confidence in children. As adults, I feel we are too quick to hibernate indoors as soon as the seasons change to a colder temperature. Join me for a private or small group session on a slow mindful walk or a session in the forest. During your outdoor session I can guide you through a series of activities, such as some relaxing breathing techniques, yoga movement and plant and tree exploration. I can tailor your session to suit your interest and needs.

I have started talks with a local herbalist shop in West Malling, here you can find lots of natural remedies.

I have spent 10 years working with to nature based and  environmental organisations: The conservation Volunteers, The Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh and Kent Wildlife Trust.