Summer Yoga & Nature Day Retreat 12th August 2023


Starting the day with a heart opening ceremony drinking cacao, move your body into spring through yoga. Inspire your mind with a herbal medicine workshop and relax to the sound of the gong. Last but not least end the day with food for free foraging and nature therapy.



┬áThe day is set in the beautiful Kent countryside at a location called The Lake House. The day will begin with a welcoming heart opening cacao ceremony hosted by the wonderful Sarah from Gongs On The Run. Next up will be a western herbal medicine workshop. In this workshop we are considering how plant medicine can be used to benefit our health, let’s bring floral magic into our self care rituals.

After delving into plants and soothing our bodies a yoga class will follow which will include links to the season of summer. The yoga is open to all levels the class will be gentle and adjustment can be made, please get in contact if you have any questions or health conditions you wish to discuss. After yoga Sarah from Gongs On The Run will hold space for you with her sound healing. Together we will have lunch and reflect upon the morning, bring your own lunch so that you are able to eat something that meets your dietary requirements.

In the afternoon as we slowly spring back into vitality we will venture to a peaceful countryside location to meet the plants and trees. We will connect to the earth through some beginner plant and tree identification activities and take part in some guided light foraging. The word forage means to search, to wander for food from the land! You will also be guided thought nature/ forest therapy activities which involves slowing down and tuning in to nature, embracing the beauty and healing elements that mother nature provides. Limited tickets book now to avoid disappointment.


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