Yoga for you

Through yoga and nature immersion I wish to help students discover their true nature. By attending my yoga classes I will guide you towards becoming body and mind aware.

I encourage you to ask questions and get inquisitive without judgement. In my yoga classes I hope to help you release tension, get rid of any hang ups, and most importantly, just to let go and laugh and smile. Yes, that’s right, it does exist, a yoga class that is not deadly serious and terrifying because of the pin drop silence. Why do I like to laugh and be silly? Well it’s who I am, and I do feel we can all take ourselves far too seriously. Of course, I have a sensible face to greet you with in and out of breathing and relaxation, my classes are not just one big joke. 

There really is some science behind the laughs, a study with Dr. Beermann showed that people who can laugh at themselves tend to generally feel good and worry a lot less. Naturally people who worry less are healthier. Chronic stress produces the natural fight-or-flight hormonal system in our bodies, which is linked to many emotional and physical health issues, including headaches, heart disease, digestive issues and anxiety and depression. 

So, moving forward, let’s just stop taking ourselves so seriously, maybe it’s an adult thing, we have forgotten the inner child that lies within us.  I love to use nature to inspire and remind us that we can get back to basics. Take the fox for example,

does a fox overthink? Does a bird doubt its ability to fly, or does it just take flight? As humans we have a tendency to overthink, and I like to use breathing techniques in my classes, such as Pranyamas, to help overcome this. These tools help us balance and reset our mind and cool and calm the nervous system.


Self Love

It may be easy to love another, the art of yoga teaches the importance of cultivating self love. If we can love ourselves then we can care, protect and serve others more authentically. I encourage you to embrace this topic by inviting you to set an intention in class. I always have a few mantras or affirmations to inspire you. In order to pick the best intention choose a phrase that makes your lip wobble.

“I am worthy of love”

“I am good enough”

“I approve of myself” 

Pick and choose its up to you. You do not have to consider anything too deeply, everything is a choice. Even when you attend a yoga class remember its your own practice , I am simply your guide. Take class themes into your mind or not you choose.  Take them off the mat and yes of course join my Facebook group or online forum Tilia Yoga community.

Your Purpose

Dharma in yogic terms means your purpose in life, your true calling – what you were put here to do. This is just one theme that I love to interweave into my classes. We can get stuck in a 9-5 rut running on auto pilot, my yoga classes will to inspire you,  give you food for thought. 

Over time by attending yoga you will get little gold dust moments on and off the mat and begin the journey of self development. What are you naturally good at? As you, as I, as we begin to nurture our nature we are able to fall into love with life a whole lot more. Life really does become easier when we begin to embrace what we are naturally good at, your Dharma.

When you discover yoga with Claire its more than just the physical movement.